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A local homebrewer is looking to expand his small in-home operations into a company that will mass produce his beers. He hires you, the analyst, to conduct an analysis on specific types of strategies that his company should take so as to succeed in his mission of providing fresh, locally sourced, handcrafted beers to all (of legal age) in NJ. In this case study, you will provide an analysis of the current market as it stands. You will leverage 5-Forces to describe the competitive landscape. Furthermore, you will identify the resources that the brewer currently has, and what they can obtain, so as to ensure that they are able to execute their operations by leveraging their core competencies. Last, you will identify the supply chain strategies that this company may want to implement given the competitive and resource-based analysis.

VRIN Analysis: The home-brewer holds a degree in Chemistry and Business Administration Management. As both a scientist and a business owner, he has a good chance of succeeding in this area. However, he needs to hire very skilled labor. In this part, you will go resource by resource to analyze what the potential competitive advantages are for the home-brewer.

1. Identify some resources (raw materials, people, processes, skills) that the brewer will most likely require.

2. Identify which resources are VRIN. Go resource by resource, and give a reason why your think that resource is VRIN (go step-by-step through VRIN for each resource). Do this about about 10 resources.

3. Which resources have you identified as VRIN? How might this business owner leverage these resources to compete within the NJ beer market?

Supply Chain Strategy: The brewer will need to partner with suppliers so as to ensure they are receiving the correct raw materials that are necessary in order to manufacture the beer. In this section, you will identify the types of supply chain strategies that will be necessary in order to leverage the competitive advantages identified above.

4. Draw out what the potential supply chain for this brewer will look like (at the organizational level of analysis). Identify the types of organizations the brewer will need to contract with. From there, think about the type of suppliers that the suppliers themselves might have.

5. Identify one or more supply chain strategies that may be necessary to achieve the mission of this brewer’s company. Think about the market characteristics of the beer market, the resources that this company will have, as well as the consumer taste preferences and demand NJ Local Brews patterns. Explain why you believe that the firm should engage in the strategy, or strategies, that you identified earlier.

Reference no: EM132234736

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