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1.The following plot shows a titration curve for the titration of 1.00L of 1.00M diprotic acid H?A with NaOH.

Which point a-d represents pKa??

A) point a

B) point b

C) point c

D) point d


2.What is the strongest acid of the following?




D) all are equivalent


3.What are the conjugate acid-base pairs in the following chemical reaction

NH?(aq)+H?O(l)?NH??(aq)+OH?(aq) ?

A) NH? and NH??

B) NH?, H?O and NH??, OH?

C) NH?, OH? and H?O, NH??

D) NH?, NH?? and H?O, OH?


4.Which one of the following is not considered to be a Lewis base?

A) H?O

B) NH??

C) NH?

D) Cl?


5.What are the Bronsted-Lowry bases in the following chemical reaction

C?H?N(aq)+H?O(l)?C?H?NH?(aq)+OH?(aq) ?

A) C?H?N, H?O, OH?

B) C?H?N, C?H?NH?

C) C?H?N, OH?

D) C?H?N, H?O


6.Write a balanced equation for the dissociation of the Bronsted-Lowry acid HSO?? in water

A) HSO??(aq)+H?O(l)?SO?²?(aq)+H?O?(aq)

B) HSO??(aq)+H?O(l)?SO?(g)+OH?+H?O(l)

C) HSO??(aq)+H?O(l)?SO?²?(aq)+OH?(aq)

D) HSO??(aq)+H?O(l)?H?SO?(aq)+OH?(aq)


7.Which of the following Bronsted-Lowry acids does not behave as a strong acid when it is dissolved in water?

A) HBr


C) HCl

D) HClO?

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