Charlotte the owner of a new cadillac automobile

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Charlotte, the owner of a new Cadillac automobile, agreed to loan the car to Ellen for the month of February while she (Charlotte) went to Florida for a winter vacation. It was understood that Ellen, who was a small-town Cadillac dealer, would merely place Charlotte's car in her showroom for exhibition and sales promotion purposes. While Charlotte was away, Ellen sold the car to Robert. Upon Charlotte's return from Florida, she sued to recover the car from Robert. Who has title to the automobile? Explain.

Reference no: EM131045588

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Contribute to customer experience

1. In an organization of your choice, identify the touch points that contribute to customer experience. Investigate whether the organization can prioritize those touch points

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A german wine producer and exporter

The plaintiff, a German wine producer and exporter, contracted to ship 620 cases of wine to the defendant, a distributor in North Carolina. The contract was silent as to the


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