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1. In pedigree analysis, consanguinity refers to:

a.mating between two heterozygous carrier parents.

b.a situation where only one individual in the entire pedigree is affected with the trait or disorder.

c.the finding that phenotypes between children and grandparents are usually more closely related than between children and parents.

d.mating between two closely related parents.

e. a situation where the children of two parents are adopted.

2. Which of the following is not a typical characteristic of human traits that follow an autosomal recessive inheritance pattern?

a. When affected individuals marry phenotypically normal individuals, their children are often phenotypically normal.

b.They app ear equally in males and females.

c.They often "skip" generations.

d.Parents of affected children are often phenotypically normal themselves.

e.All of the other answers are characteristic of autosomal recessive inheritance.

3. Which observation from adoption studies most strongly indicates that genetic differences among people contribute more to differences in a phenotype than do environmental differences?

a.Adopted persons are not similar to their adoptive parents.

b.Adopted persons are more similar on average to their adoptive parents than to their biological parents.

c.Adopted persons are more similar on average to their biological parents than to their adoptive parents.

d.Adopted persons are equally similar on average to their biological parents and adoptive parents.

e.Adopted persons are very different from both their adoptive parents and their biological parents

4. Many genetic studies, particularly those of recessive traits, have focused on small isolated human populations, such as those on islands. Which of the following is a major advantage that isolated populations might provide for the study of recessive traits?

a. Small populations, especially on islands, are less subject to the confounding effects of natural selection compared to large populations.

b. Geneticists are more likely to be able to control mating choices in small populations.

c.Small populations likely will experience a high mutation rate and thus produce more genetic variation for study.

d.Inbreeding, which is more common in small populations, will tend to increase the frequency of recessive conditions, allowing for more cases to be examined.

e.Autosomal dominant traits will be more likely to be found in such populations.

Reference no: EM13336922

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