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Consider the companies that are changing the digital landscape, such as LinkedIn with professional networking, Square with mobile transactions, or even Capella with education. Research and then describe the company's leader and how he or she is an unsung hero driving an industry or society. Discuss the individual's attributes that drove his or her success.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words. Reference and cite the source in APA format. Be succinct, but thorough, and focus on analysis-the what or how of each situation presented.

Response Guidelines

You are expected to respond to at least two peers with substantive posts. Some approaches include providing an alternative viewpoint, substantiating your peer's claims with referenced material, expanding on the noted topic by citing experience, or conducting a review of the literature to further the exploration of the subject. The focus should be on content rather than word count. At least one of your responses for each discussion question should include research (case studies or journal articles). Where possible, you should elaborate on the topic based on your professional experience and try to tie the topic to real-life expertise.

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