Challenges of MIS on organization

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1. How do the five forces of competition (Michael Porter) in an industry affect its profit potential? Give an example.

2. Identify and evaluate the importance, uses, and challenges of MIS on an organization? In details.

3. Compute the multifactor productivity measure for an 8 hour day in which the usable output was 530 units, produced by 4 workers who used 750 pounds of materials. Workers have an hourly wage of 18 and material cost is 1.3 per pound. Overhead is 1.5 times labor cost.

The multifactor productivity (units/$) = _____________(round to 4 decimal places)

Reference no: EM132280141

What are some of the pitfalls in cost estimating

What are some of the pitfalls in cost estimating? What steps can a project manager take to address potential cost overruns? What steps can a project manager take to make contr

Fraud in the formation of a contract

Please explain from your own personal experience or imagination a scenario the would be considered each of the following and the legal significance: (1) Fraud in the formation

Really effective way to control promotional efforts

Do you think self-regulation can be effective, or is government regulation the only really effective way to control promotional efforts? Provide an example of when the governm

Corporations face with regards to social media

Visit two or more social media sites and review information that people post about themselves and information friends post about them. What types of information is available?

Nationwide paid-claims due to hurricanes

In the previous years, 2004 and 2005 Nationwide paid out more than $1 Billion in claims due to hurricanes. Given the limited information you have, what would have been your de

Health improvement-system responsiveness-financial fairness

How do most countries with similar levels of per capita income differ from and resemble the United States with respect to cost, quality and access to health care? How does the

Unit involves process of developing information system

The learning outcome for this unit involves the process of developing an information system (IS) for an organization. There are many factors involved in this process, includin

Logistics model also be used in reverse logistics model

What aspects of a forward logistics model could be used in a reverse logistics model to reduce costs and add value to the supply chain? For example how might the transportatio


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