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1. How do the five forces of competition (Michael Porter) in an industry affect its profit potential? Give an example.

2. Identify and evaluate the importance, uses, and challenges of MIS on an organization? In details.

3. Compute the multifactor productivity measure for an 8 hour day in which the usable output was 530 units, produced by 4 workers who used 750 pounds of materials. Workers have an hourly wage of 18 and material cost is 1.3 per pound. Overhead is 1.5 times labor cost.

The multifactor productivity (units/$) = _____________(round to 4 decimal places)

Reference no: EM132280141

Discussion on supply chain management

The importance of Supply Chain Management can not be underestimated because it ensures that the right materials are at the right place at the right time at a minimal cost and

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How important is "valid" data with a patient's health record? Have you ever reviewed your medical record from any of your treating physicians or facilities? Is all the informa

The intervals determined from the frequency distribution

A small vendor has either a good day of sales with an average of $1,000 or a bad day with an average of only $500 for the day. To simulate these outcomes, random numbers from

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What makes a project team truly global and how do you determine the cultural aspects and possible conflicts of that project team, and how would a successful project manager ov

Acknowledging the importance of working

"Acknowledging the importance of working with the city as a partner gives the project a greater chance of success." Defend that statement, and include an example of a major pr

Improve its performance in turbulent environment

Think of an organization with which you are fairly familiar, such as your employer or your college or university. Then choose one of the four planning approaches listed below,

Describe activity based costing

What are three of the five purposes of a performance measurement system? What are three of the five benefits listed that the right information to the right people can provide?

The option of mediation or arbitration

As a business owner, if you had to choose to include a mediation or an arbitration clause in your contracts, which would you prefer and why? As a consumer, if you were given t


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