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1. An analyst believes that the price of an IBM stock is a normally distributed random variable with mean $105 and variance 24. The analyst would like to determine a value such that there is a 0.90 probability that the price of the stock will be greater than that value.11 Find the required value.

2. Weekly rates of return (on an annualized basis) for certain securities over a given period are believed to be normally distributed with mean 8.00% and variance 0.25. Give two values x1 and x2 such that you are 95% sure that annualized weekly returns will be between the two values.

Reference no: EM13982840

Calculating probability of stock

Let X be the number of gallons of ice cream that is requested at a certain store on a hot summer day. Assume that f(x)= 12x(1000-x)^2/10^12, 0

Calculate the test statistic

Choose the Hypothesis. Specify the Decision Rule. Calculate the Test Statistic. Make the Decision. Give an interpretation of the Decision

Determine and graph the kaplan-meier curve

Consider the data shown in Table E11.7 (analysis date, 01/90; A, alive; D, dead). For each subject, determine the time (in months) to death (D) or to the ending date (for su

Probability of a favorabale seismic survey

a. What is the probability of a favorabale seismic survey? b. What is the probability of an unfavorable survey? c. Construct a decision tree for this problem d. What is the op

What is meant by time-series data

1. What is meant by time-series data? Give an example. 2. Explain the difference between time-series data and cross-sectional data. Are these two types of data sets mutually

How many bolts be sampled for true mean bolt length

How many bolts should be sampled in order to make us 95% confident that the sample mean bolt length is within .02 inches of the true mean bolt length?

Adopted the universal soil loss equation

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed and adopted the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) for predicting water erosion of soils. In geographical areas where runof

Develop the null and alternative hypothesis

A research study will measure the cost of the new method over a sample production period. Develop the null and alternative hypothesis most appropriate for this study.


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