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Need to provide a complete outline. The outline will contain the following things 

The Critical Success Factors of Success Project: Case Study Kurdi Group in Jordan

1) Refined and narrowed topic

2) Clear Aims and Objectives with research question (you can refer to the proposal given by the client)

3) Specific research methodology approach (primary or secondary or both// how we are planning to collect the data) (check proposal and suggest if anything better for her to get more marks)

4) Points which we are planning to cover in Literature Review. (This can be written like points)

Abstract "The Critical Success Factors of Success Project: Case Study Kurdi Group in Jordan"

Kurdi Group was established in the year 1990 and is a leading business group in Jordan providing real estate solutions. Since establishment, it has been able to deliver many successful projects in the country and beyond. However, certain drawbacks and challenges were identified to hinder its organisational performance like failure to manage time and costs, centralised decision making and lack of use of project management tools and techniques. The aim of the study was to critically examine the relationship between project management critical success factors and Kurdi group project success by using 10-factor CSFs framework suggested by Slevin and Pinto's (1986, 1987). In order to address research aim two research objectives were formulated, which included exploring an empirically verified CSFs list reflecting upon relevant literature for Kurdi Group to help the group to improve the performance of its projects and measuring the dependent variable (project success) of Kurdi Group. The set of methodology was applied in this research study grounded on "research onion" model suggested by Saunders & (2009). The study applied mixed research method and data were collected using interview and survey questionnaire tools. Statistical tools bivariate correlation and multiple regressions were used for analysing the quantitative data while thematic analysis was applied for the analysis of the qualitative data. Measure of dependent variable (project success) of Kurdi Group demonstrated that CSFs Of Kurdi Group's project success and the CSFs identified by Slevin and Pinto's (1986, 1987) are positively related. In addition, four variables were identified to be strongly related to the Kurdi Group project success. The study was limited to Kurdi Group only thus the application of its findings in other organisation might not be as effective as in the case of Kurdi Group. The sample recruited for the study was quite low, which might have limited the reliability of the findings. It was thus recommended to conduct this research in different countries considering the broader industry base and with more sample size. 

Reference no: EM131299923

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