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Eugene Hur, a former undergraduate in our lab has discovered that AKR3A1, a protein from budding yeast, catalyzes the NADPH-dependent reduction of various carbonyl compounds to the corresponding alcohol. At saturating concentrations of the cosubstrate (NADPH), he observed the following reaction velocities at different concentrations of the aldehyde substrate, propanal:

[propanal] (mM) Velocity (µM/min) 79.4 11.81 159.8 20.56 317.6 30.14 635.2 32.31 952.8 34.28 1270.4 34.47 1588.0 35.57 Using a curve fitting program like DELTAGRAPH,

1)produce a v vs. [S] plot and calculate Km and Vmax for propanal (remember units!). Also include the R2 value. Print your plot. It is fine if you can't get axis labels and other parameters to print out - you are welcome to write them in by hand.

2) Determine the same parameters (including R2) by fitting a double reciprocal plot. Show your calculations and make your logic clear. Print your plot.

Reference no: EM13937910

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