Carbon dioxide atmosphere produces very high temperatures

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Are these True or False?

1. Liquid water is not stable on Mars' surface because the thick carbon dioxide atmosphere produces very high temperatures.
2. Since gases are drawn inward by the gravitational pull of the sun, the inner planets all have atmospheres.
3. Since the planet Mercury receives 6 times the solar heat that Earth receives, surface features are very young because rocks are constantly being melted.
4. Since the same side of the moon always faces towards us, we know that the moon doesn't spin on it's axis like the planets do.
5. The surface temperature on Venus is unusually cool since the thick cloud layers block much of the suns' warmth.
6. If you could see through the thick clouds, daytime on venus would start with sunrise in the west, the same as sunrise on Earth.
7. Only the large rocky planets Venus and Earth have thick enough atmospheres to have ever produced rainfall, rivers, and lakes of liquid water.
8. The measure temperature of Mars' surface is about 40 degrees (Centigrade) above the freezing point of water, explaining the evidence of rainfall and river erosion observed there.
9. Fluidized ejecta is an example of volcanic lava flowing across Mars' surface.

Reference no: EM13214713

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