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Kris borrows some money in her senior year to buy a new car. The car dealership allows her to defer payments for 12 months, and Kris makes 48 end-of-month payments thereafter. If the original note (loan) is for $28,000 and interest in 0.5% per month on the unpaid balance, how much will Kris' payment be?

Reference no: EM131000435

What is the firms average cost at this output

The W Company is a member of the beef industry, which is perfectly competitive. The price of a beef is $60. The firm’s total cost function is TC = 100 + 10Q + 5Q2 where TC is

What happens to expected in?ation

Suppose the factors of production are ?xed and furthermore suppose the Fed announced today that they are going to reverse the quantitative easing e?orts and decrease the money

Differences in way a market process-command process

What is the basic economic problem that all persons, businesses and countries face? What are the differences in the way a market process vs. a command process attempt to de

Tax bracket is defined directly from a gross income value

Tax bracket is defined directly from a gross income value, not from taxable income value? Business can not claim depreciation expenses on a property it is leasing. To have a h

Explain three types of tax structure with respect to income

What are the principles that lawmakers should follow in setting up taxes? Explain the three types of tax structure with respect to income. Which of the three types of tax stru

Government regulation-reduction of the enforcing regulatory

Select a Government Regulation. Identify a particular government regulation of your choosing that in your opinion has either been successful or a failure. Briefly state the or

Federal government attempts to eliminate a budget deficit

If we passed a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget every year, this would probably. During the course of a bad recession the fed would probably be doing each

What role does innovation play in growth-optimal tax rate

What is growth and why is it important? What role does innovation play in growth?  Where does economic growth ultimately come from? Why is this? Comment on its impact on real


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