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Hello <br/> <br/>I want to write about this topic"Increasing the Medicare age limit in US" <br/>What is the effect of increasing the Medicare recipients from age 65 to 68 old. <br/>The outcome that I look for: “How much money would the Government save?” <br/> <br/>1- To find the cost : # of people who ages 65-68 enrolled in Medicare in one year X How much Medicare spent on the average person enrolled. <br/>( it is important to indicate to literature that you capture the estimate number from when you writing assumption e.g According to James 2013 we estimate ……………) <br/>2- Total Medicare budget in one year <br/> <br/>Government would save = 2-1 <br/> <br/>please do it similar to an attached example. <br/> <br/>Thanks <br/>

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