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Assuming the truth of Vinson version of the case, do you think her employer, capital city federal savings and loan should be held liable for sexual harassment it was not aware of? Should the employer have been aware of it? does the fact that Taylor was a supervisor make a difference.

Reference no: EM132183697

Causal view of structure

Use the causal view of structure, conduct, and performance to explain the role of differentiation in the market for pizza. Then apply the feedback critique to the role of di

Integration of new management trends developed

The business environment is continuously evolving with the integration of new management trends developed to create opportunity and respond to challenges. Innovation often c

Describe the differences between debate and discussion

Describe the differences between debate, discussion, and dialogue. Analyze the value of dialogue in helping a team learn and change. What are the ground rules required to reac

Attribute to poor controlling and poor leadership

We think about why all the competitive benchmarking wasn't effectively implemented, would we have to attribute it to poor controlling? Poor leadership? Something else?

Determining the pounds of coffee

1. If an economy is producing 2000 pounds of coffee and 55000 bread,what is the opportunity cost of producing another 3000 pounds of coffee. 2. Can this economy produce 4000

Show the training needs and objectives

Show the process through which training needs identified in the analysis phase are translated into the training objectives. In your answer, explain what an objective is, its

Compute the percentage of station wagon purchasers

Does it appear that family size or income is a more important determinant of station wagon purchases?- Compute the percentage of station wagon purchasers that are high or low

Illustrate what kinds of managers has it displaced the most

Illustrate what level of managers has been most affected because of such IT? In other words, illustrate what kinds of managers has IT displaced the most from enterprises in


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