Can you sue him for breach of contract

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You have an old beater car sitting in your drive way. You decide to sell the car for $1,000.00. The first person who visits is the most attractive individual you have ever seen. They ask if you would be willing to part with your car in exchange for marriage. In exchange for your car, they will whisk you away to an island paradise, where you will be completely free to do whatever you want. You agree instantly. Unfortunately, they leave and never come back. Do you have a contract?

The next person who comes looking offers is a 16 year old kid, he offers you $499.00 for the car. You say you will not sell it for a dime under "five hundred twenty five". After a lengthy negotiation, you finally come to an accord at $500.25, sticking true to your word. He writes you a check, and takes off in the car before you can even catch his name.

The check bounces. Can you sue him for breach of contract? Why or why not? What counter arguments might he use?

Reference no: EM131422435

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