Can you differentiate a universal truth vs. a personal truth

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Yoga is not only a physical practice. Yoga is a Hindu philosophy that is often expressed through series of exercises that help the body and mind attain inner peace.

In class we often practice physical movements just to become more self-aware-more aware of our feelings in our bodies. I hope after class we leave walking out with that self-awareness in order to be as mindful as possible in the world.

There are always things we can change to become a better person. But I'd like you to write about knowing. I think as students we are getting used to this idea of "knowing" more. I'd like you to think about the difference in knowing something vs. knowing something about yourself. In other words, can you differentiate "a universal truth vs. a personal truth"? I think we often feel if we know something it applies to everyone, but that usually isn't the case.

We all walk around with different realities colored by different past experiences. What are you experienced in? How do you listen? What can you rediscover again? What do you know that you want to relearn?

At least 350words.

Reference no: EM131255600

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