Can you counsel who are experiencing conflict over sexual

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Problems of Sexuality Specific diagnoses & key features, Etiology, Diagnostic & Treatment issues ? Multicultural Perspectives and Diversity Issues

  •  Read: Yarhouse, Butman, & McCray: Ch. 11; Collins: Ch. 19-22; Corey: Ch. 4
  •   Review Bb Learning Unit (In Course Materials and Assignments section) and complete Discussion Board


This week we will read about, discuss, and apply a diagnostic eye towards sexuality. In particular, we will process how sexual functioning is related to other aspects of emotional functioning. However you feel about approaching these issues, they are a part of life and you will certainly face sexual issues in counseling- guaranteed!

1. Can you counsel people who are experiencing conflict over their sexual choices if their values differ dramatically from your own? If you have conservative attitudes about sexual behavior, will you be able to respect the liberal views of some of your clients?


Reference no: EM13871925

Care of souls. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House Co.

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