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Your boss has just given you a $5,000 bonus for the superb work you have been doing. You want to save some of that money for a trip to Bora Bora that you are hoping to take in 4 years. You project that you will need $4,000 then. Assuming that you can open a savings account that earns a 3% annual interest rate that is compounded monthly, how much of your bonus should you invest today to reach your goal? You must show your calculator inputs to receive full credit (Ex: N=?, I=?, PV=?,PMT=?,FV=?). Round your answer to two decimal places.

Reference no: EM131048686

Decentralized and distributed IT architectures

What are functional silos and how do they evolve in organizations? Compare and contrast centralized, decentralized and distributed IT architectures. Which do you think is most

What is the required return on the company stock

Siblings, Inc., is expected to maintain a constant 6.6 percent growth rate in its dividends, indefinitely. The company has a dividend yield of 8.4 percent. What is the require

What is earnings before interest and taxes under base case

Miller Mfg. is analyzing a proposed project. The company expects to sell 15,000 units, give or take 3 percent. The expected variable cost per unit is $18 and the expected fixe

Depreciated according to the accelerated schedule

Heald and Swenson Inc purchased a drill press for $850,000 one year and nine months ago. The asset has a six year life and has been depreciated according to the following acce

Compute expected share price-using perpetual growth method

Suppose the dividends for the Seger Corporation over the past six years were $1.19, $1.27, $1.36, $1.44, $1.54, and $1.59, respectively. Compute the expected share price at th

Summarizes elements that affect staffing at patton-fuller

Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes elements that affect staffing at Patton-Fuller, such as raises in wages and changes in the nurse-to-patient ratio. Include s

Investment decision based on the theoretical value of firm

The final task in this section requires you to make an investment decision based on the theoretical value of a firm. The company you will consider investing in is Woodside Pet

New capital structure if the firm issues the debt

You currently own 600 shares of JKL, Inc. JKL is an all equity firm that has 75,000 shares of stock outstanding at a market price of $40 a share. The company's earnings before


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