Calculates the area and perimeter of a rectangle

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Design and write a program, using functions, that calculates the area and perimeter of a rectangle whose dimensions (length and width) are provided by a user. Please write this in C code. There must be a function in the code. Also, please provide the Pseudocode. This should not be an overly complicated code. I will run the code in If you run it on, please select "secret" so no one else is able to view it (the button that looks like a pair of glasses). 

Reference no: EM13761878

Describe the main difference of worm vs. virus

1. Describe the main difference of worm vs. virus and what are the best countermeasures for each in detail.2. What is a DNS attack? Are there different types, if so, explain e

What is intermodulation distortion

What is intermodulation distortion? What sorts of signals are susceptible to this form of distortion?In addition, identify two situations in which error-free transmission is c

Technical architecture document

Hardware platform: Describe the hardware environment to support the development and production of this system. Network connections between the stores and headquarters: A net

Technical architecture document

Quality assurance process and procedures to ensure the functionality and performance requirements are met Testing procedures to ensure the application is operational at all

Executive management providing

A four-paragraph executive summary written to executive management providing a summary of findings, risk impact to the IT asset and organization, and recommendations for nex

Calculate and display the weight of the object

Write a program that calculates the weight of an object on the Earth, Moon, and Mars. Specifically, your final program will choose from a menu to determine the gravity then

Explain areas of information technology as a metric

The confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) triad represents generic security goals. CIA is typically applied to specific areas of information technology as a metric

Define a good design process and incorporates sequential

Design a program that will allow a user to Input a list of his Classmatess along with their Gender(Male, Female), Age and City where they reside. You must first collect all


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