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Calculate the tax expense of $462,417 in unrealized capital gains from non-registered investments that are passed down to the children beneficiaries after the death of an individual., if the margial tax rate is 31.

Reference no: EM132281264

Tootsie roll company to analyze their production process

One day you realize you're tired of smelling like refried beans all the time and begin thinking about starting your own business. After doing some investigation you decide t

Aggregate demand or aggregate supply

What effects would each of the following have on aggregate demand or aggregate supply, other things equal? In each case use a diagram to show the expected effects on the equil

Compare unemployment durations in states

Suppose we wanted to know what the effect of extending the maximum number of weeks of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits was on the duration of unemployment. A researcher fr

Determine the effective tax rate on all of last year

this year his company has been given the opportunity to take on two projects that will increase taxable income by $175,000. Determine the effective (average) tax rate on all o

Explain how does it affect consumer-producer surplus

Explain how does it affect consumer surplus, producer surplus, government revenue, and total surplus. Is it a good policy from the standpoint of economic efficiency.

Consider two workers with identical preferences

Consider two workers with identical preferences. Phil and Bill. Both workers have the same life cycle wage path in that they face the same wage at every age, and they know wha

Programmer designs a program

When a programmer designs a program, there are cases where loops need to be nested. While there are no limits to the depth of nested loops, it is possible for the programmer

Illustrate what is the mrts

Convert the production function into its normal form. Illustrate what is the MRTS, if price of labour is $120 and the price of capital is $200?


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