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Calculate the tax expense of $462,417 in unrealized capital gains from non-registered investments that are passed down to the children beneficiaries after the death of an individual., if the margial tax rate is 31.

Reference no: EM132281264

Operating in the short run vs the longrun

Why is a piece of machinery(capital) usually considered a fixed input and Labor usually considered a variable input? What determines if you are operating in the short run vs.

The marginal cost is a constant

If the marginal cost is a constant of 6, would that mean it is an economy of scale or diseconomy? My first thought was that it would be a diseconomy since I thought MC needed

Other offenses related to terrorism

Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan and nine others were indicted in a federal district court on charges of conspiring to advance violent jihad (holy war against enemies of Islam) and ot

Quantity in comparison to the beginning price and quantity

Beetle infestation decimates tobacco crop. Market: cigars. which curve (s) shifted, explain why it shifted (factor), in which direction (right or left), and what is the result

Effects of the increased government spending are immediate

Suppose the GDP is $40 billion below its potential level. It is expected that next-period GDP will be $20 billion below potential and that two periods from now it will be back

Soft selling and adverse selection

If trying to sell a new accounting system that will reduce cost by 10%. Instead of pricing the product you give the cost as 50% of their cost savings. Describe the information

What happen if marginal product of labor minimizing cost

What happen if the marginal product of labor is 23, is the firm minimizing cost. What happen if the marginal product of labor is 21, is the firm minimizing cost.

Would the typical firms demand curve be price inelastic

Assume that the skateboard industry is monopolistically competitive. Assume that skateboard manufacturers are earning short-run economic profits. At the profit maximizing pric


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