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Calculate the tax expense of $462,417 in unrealized capital gains from non-registered investments that are passed down to the children beneficiaries after the death of an individual., if the margial tax rate is 31.

Reference no: EM132281264

Charge to each of the three different segments of customers

Suppose an airline flying on the Charlotte - Chicago route has estimated the demand curves for three different types of customers: business (no advance purchase), leisure (7 d

Telecommunications electric power commercial banks

Discuss the economics justifications for a merger. In particular, how might these reasons apply to companies now merging in the following industries oil automobiles telecommun

Demand elasticity facing one firm at competitive equilibrium

If the market demand curve is Q = 100-p, what is the market price elasticity of demand? If the supply curve of individual firm is q = p and there are 50 identical firms in the

Increasing the minimum wage

The City of Seattle is increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Bob's Bento is a restaurant in the city. Which of the following is not a likely outcome? Bob's Bento will ch

Efforts to practice corporate social responsibility

Is it ethical for companies to benefit from their efforts to practice corporate social responsibility? Why or why not? How can anyone be sure that CSR efforts aren’t just publ

Short-run aggregate supply curve slopes

The short-run aggregate supply (SAS) curve slopes upward because households spend more as their incomes increase. The long-run aggregate supply curve can never shift. Either a

Productivity contribute to economic growth

From one year to the next, a country's output rose from 4000 to 4500, its capital stock rose from 10,000 to 12,000, and its labor force declined from 2000 to 1750. Suppose aK

Canada savings bond or in the euro-bond

If the current exchange rate is 1.2 Canadian Dollars per Euro and the 3-month forward exchange rate is 1.25 Canadian Dollars per Euro, should a resident of Canada invest in


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