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Calculate the tax expense of $462,417 in unrealized capital gains from non-registered investments that are passed down to the children beneficiaries after the death of an individual., if the margial tax rate is 31.

Reference no: EM132281264

Effective annual interest rate helen is paying is most near

The down payment is paid immediately, and the monthly payments are due at the end of each month. The effective annual interest rate Helen is paying is most nearly?

What are the educational achievement tests

what is the test? what are the educational achievement tests in many ways for better and more comprehensive measure that we can not obtain? what is the results of an achieveme

About half of the paid lobbyists

About half of the paid lobbyists in Washington are former government staff members or former members of Congress. Why would interest groups employ such people? Why might some

New keynesian sticky prices model

In the space below, draw the new Keynesian sticky prices model. Label completely and correctly. Next, suppose there is an output gap. Suppose the government chooses to use sca

Find critical value of discount factor to sustain collusion

Suppose that demand is given by P = A− Q and marginal costs are constant and equal to c where A > c. Suppose that there are n ?rms and the stage game is Cournot. Find the crit

What is the value of s that would make both options a and b

For both options, your interest rate is 6% compunded monthly. If the car has a value of S after the 36 months period, what is the value of S that would make both options A a

Investing for dummies

Indicate whether each of the following is counted in this year’s GDP: a. you bought a new Wii at GameStop last year and resold it on eBay this year. b. You purchase an “Invest

Labor force to reach this production target

Q=(L^0.2) x (K^0.5) If Firm A wanted to increase productivity by 40% and already knew they were going to increase capital by 20%. How much would they have to increase their la


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