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Question 1:

You are creating a customer database for the Max league baseball team. The project starts with system design (5 days), this followed by the design phase which includes subsystem A design (5 days), then subsystem B design (4 days), and subsystem C design (5 days). The next step is then programming, which includes program A (9 days), program B (5 days) and program C (8 days). The last step is testing (4 days). Considering those tasks, their duration and predecessors.


– Prepare a work breakdown structure showing tasks, durations and predecessor tasks.

– Calculate the start and finish date for each task and determine the critical path.


Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is a large system including several subsystems or modules providing variety of functions. Hospital Reception subsystem or module supports some of the many job duties of hospital receptionist. Receptionist schedules patient's appointments and admission to the hospital, collects information from patient upon patient's arrival and/or by phone. For the patient that will stay in the hospital ("inpatient") she or he should have a bed allotted in a ward. Receptionists might also receive patient's payments, record them in a database and provide receipts, file insurance claims and medical reports.


1. List possible entities in the Hospital Management system, including their attributes.

2. Identify possible use cases and actors.

3. Draw the use case diagram that explain the process of Hospital Management System.

You may need to make some assumptions with the required justifications

Portfolio Number 2

Software Protection and Licensing

A company has a number of employees. The attributes of Employee include employee_Id (primary key), name, address, and birthdate. The company also has several projects. Attributes of Project include project_Name and start_Date. Each employee may be assigned to one or many projects or may not be assigned to a project.

A project must have at least one employee, assigned, and may have any number of employees assigned. An employee's billing rate may vary by project, and the company wishes to record the applicable billing rate to each employee when assigned to a particular project. At the end of each month, the company mails a check to each employee who has worked on a project during that month. The check amount is based on the billing rate and the hours logged for each project assigned to the employee.


– Draw a class diagram, showing the relevant classes, attributes, operations, and relationships, for the above situation.

if you believe that you need to make additional assumptions, clearly state them for each situation


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In this assignment, we have discussed different diagrams like erd ,class diagram etc..As per the case study we have designed the database diagrams and shown in a proper manner.

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    Basic Instructions: This is continuous evaluating assessment. The students are expected to perform the portfolio tasks individually in every class. The students have to prepare a word file report for the submission.

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    This assessment allows student to apply theoretical concepts to practice by analysing case studies and proposing a suitable design. The portfolio assessment covers the following topics: information system development, system development approaches, data Modelling, IS project management, system requirements, user and system interfaces, and system testing, deployment and maintenance

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