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Create a flowchart that will contain five modules ,one to prompt the user to input the sales amount before discount and the discount percent as a decimal, the second to calculate the amount of discount, the the third to calculate the purchase amount less the discount, the forth to calculate the sales tax on the net sale amount (sound familiar?), and the fifth to handle all of the output. See the output box below for what that should look like.

Declare your variables by type:numorstringin aDeclarationssymbol. Show your input prompts and output labels in quotes.

Reference no: EM131218161

Compare and contrast fhss-dsss

In a table environment, compare and contrast FHSS, DSSS, and OFDM (although ODFM is not a spread-spectrum technology, it does have similar comparitive properties). How do co

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Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®training presentation that would be used to educate new members of your company's desktop support team about their role and th

Challenging issues in identifying and documenting

What are the one or two most challenging issues in identifying and documenting IT acquisition requirements (i.e., the requirements for solving the problem that was defined)?

Construct a conceptual model

The Seville, Spain soccer association is renovating their soccer arena. They are adding luxury boxes that will be offered to companies. These boxes contain varying numbers o

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What are the one or two most challenging issues in identifying good alternative solutions that meet the IT acquisition requirements that were defined? Explain your reason(s)

Clearly indicate which variable is the lsb

Problem Statement :Design a digital circuit that detects if a 4-bit input code is a valid BCD (binary-coded decimal) code.That is, if the input value is in the range of 0-9,

Educational or possibly technology related

Record at least a 1-2 minutes of audio. You can record yourself or someone else such as a short interview. Topic:Keep it educational or possibly technology related. Choose you

Consequences of designing a system

What are the short term and long term consequences of designing a system with contract-to-logic coupling? What are the effects on the service itself and what are the effects


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