Calculate the pitch diameter-circular pitch-addendum

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A 24-tooth gear has AGMA standard full-depth involutes teeth with diametral pitch of 5.


Calculate the pitch diameter, circular pitch, addendum, dedendum, tooth thickness and clearance. All dimensions must be taken to 4 decimal places to account for manufacturing tolerances.

Reference no: EM13719001

Calculate the speed of load g

Wheel of radius r is driven by an arm OA. It is driving (without slip) wheel of a radius r2 which is fixed to a drum of radius r1. Load G is attached to the rope which winds

Water is pumped from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir

Water is pumped from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir by a pump that provides 23kW of shaft power. The free surface of the upper reservoir is 46m higher than that of th

Consider the flow of a uniform stream of speed

Consider the flow of a uniform stream of speed V in the x-direction and a sink of strength Q at the origin. Find the stagnation point(s) and the equation of the stagnation str

Design a reservoir for industrial machine tool application

Design a reservoir for an industrial machine tool application. The machine runs continuously for 8 hours a day. The pump delivers 20 gpm with no heat exchanger in the circuit.

What is the after-tax annual cost of the slitter

The machine will not be overhauled at the end of its life. AA pays taxes at a rate of 45% and expects an after-tax rate of return of 10% on investments. Given that the slitt

Determine the angular velocity of gear

A motor gives gear A an angular acceleration of aA = (2 + 0.006 u2) rad> s2, where u is in radians. If this gear is initially turning at vA = 15 rad> s, determine the angular

Calculate the maximum direct stress

Advanced Strength of Materials (DESN40113) - Calculate the maximum direct stress due to bending and the orientation of the neutral axis and determine the maximum deflection of

Determine the heat flux and the temperature gradient

consider a plane wall 100mm thick and of thermal conductivity 100 w/m .k seady state conditions are known to exist with T1 = 400 k T2= 600 K. determine the heat flux and the


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