Calculate the number of stomata

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Calculate the number of stomata/mm2 seen at 400x (field of view is 0.2mm) if the underside of your leaf were 400mm2, how many stomata would you have?

HINT: recall that the area of a circle = pi * radius2

Reference no: EM132280072

Evaluate importance of physical activity in everyday life

This assignment fulfills Module Objective 2: Evaluated the importance of physical activity in everyday life, and Course Objective 1: Explained the concepts and principles of

Effects of the angiotensin

Another way to think of this is that you are required to provide a "translation" of the scientific language in the abstract into regular plain English. Make sure that you ch

Examine the processes of exchange of o2 and co2

A  patient has esophageal cancer and should have a feeding tube inserted. The nurse tells the patient that the tube will be inserted surgically into the duodenum. The wife ask

What is causing the blue pigment indigo to appear

In blue diaper syndrome, a baby's urine turns blue in the diapers following the administration of oral tryptophan. The baby's serum and urine levels of tryptophan are very l

Which of the following is not a good assumption

When using the Nernst equation to calculate membrane potential, we are making several assumptions about conditions in the cell. Which of the following is not a good assumpti

Find the specific activity of iptg induced culture

The specific activity of an enzyme is defined as the units of enzyme per milligram of protein. For E. coli, we can estimate the amount of protein in an extract by assuming the

Develop the principle of independent assortment

Two of the seven different pea traits examined by Mendel involved genes that we now know are linked. Knowing this, can you explain why Mendel was still able to use results f

What is this resemblance an instance of

Your assignment, if you want to accept this, is to cross two of the F1 offspring and complete Punnett square for this cross and then write the resulting genotype and phenotype


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