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Calculate the number of stomata/mm2 seen at 400x (field of view is 0.2mm) if the underside of your leaf were 400mm2, how many stomata would you have?

HINT: recall that the area of a circle = pi * radius2

Reference no: EM132280072

Tetrapod vertebrates had four limbs

1. The common ancestor of all the tetrapod vertebrates had four limbs with a similar skeletal structure to thatseen in many vertebrates today. Considering this, in what sens

Evolution of various body parts and patterns evolved

Only 10% of genes in animals are devoted to the construction of body plans, yet there exists a huge amount of diversity in body plans of animals. how has the evolution of

Nervous systems can be considered as communication networks

The nervous systems can be considered as communication networks whose integrated operation is responsible for a behaviouralresponse.' Imangine the following three structures

Finding frequency after one generation

Suppose a farmer wants to use genetically-modified crop in order to reduce cost on pesticides. The resistance gene, R, that provides protection for the crops is dominant and o

Transpiration-cohesion and adhesion

How do transpiration, cohesion and adhesion all work together to provide the forces necessary to overcome gravity to transport water from the roots to the leaves without exp

Which outcomes are not possible

Feather color in budgies is determined by two different genes, Y and B, one for pigment on the outside and one for the inside of the feather. YYBB, YyBB, or YYBb is green; y

Resistant genotypes of the fungal pathogen

A novel fungicide is introduced and widely applied to cereal crops. After five years, resistant genotypes of the fungal pathogen are detected at a frequency of about 1%; res

What is the importance of membranes in the body

What is the importance of membranes in the body? What are the three types of membranes? Compare and contrast each type. What homeostatic imbalances may occur relating to mem


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