Calculate the normal discharge and the froude number

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Water is flowing in a formed, unfinished concrete rectangular channel 3.5 m wide. For a depth of 2.0 m, calculate the normal discharge and the Froude number of the flow. The channel slope is 0.1 percent.

Reference no: EM131174416

What is the initial temperature

Consider a piston-cylinder assembly containing 10kg of water. Initially the gas has pressure of 20 bar and occupies a volume of1.0 m3. Under these conditions, water does not b

Identify common elements found in successful classes

After the interviews, write a one-page paper summarizing your findings and identify common elements found in successful classes and in unsuccessful classes. Submit this pape

Compute the required development length

Determine the required development length ld from the point of maximum stress in the bars. Specify the minimum required side cover. Shrinkage and temperature steel is not sh

Determine the value of force when the rod begins to yield

A 20-mm diameter rod made of a ductile material with a yield strength of 350 MPa is subjected to torque of 100 N.m and a bending moment of 150 N.m. An axial force is then gr

Maximizes the decrease in the gibbs free energy of system

An moles of an ideal gas A and (1-n) moles of an ideal gas B, each at 1 atm, are mixed at total constant pressure. What ratio of A to B in the mixture maximizes the decrease i

What should be the minimum horsepower of the lathe

A 3 in. diameter low strength, stainless steel cylindrical part is to be turned on a lathe at six hundred rpm. With a depth of cut of .3 inches and a feed of .025 in/rev. what

Are there any tricks that can make this easier

KVL provides us with another way of arriving at a complete set of equations. There are three distinct loops in the circuit. Are There Any Tricks That Can Make This Easier?

Determine the heat rejected by the condenser

The design of a simple refrigerant condenser has been proposed for opment. The condenser will accept hot, high pressure saturated type R-134a from a compressor to reject its


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