Calculate the net heat flow and the overall change

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1 kg of air is allowed to expand reversibly in a cylinder behind a piston in such a way that the temperature remains constant at 260 degree while the volume is doubled.The piston is then move in,and heat is rejected bt the air reversibly at constant pressure until the volume is the same as it was initially.Calculate the net heat flow and the overall change of entropy.sketch the process of p-V and T-s diagram.

Reference no: EM13212564

Draw required orthographic views for the gripper rod center

Draw the required orthographic views for the Gripper Rod Center shown in pdf. Dimension all views appropriately. Insert your B-size template and change the date, scale, and

Energy from electrical resistance heater in isobaric process

0.64 lbm of saturated liquid water at 10 psia absorbs a constant 3.5 kW of energy from an electrical resistance heater in an isobaric process; until the water reaches a temper

Determine the optimum number of stations on the line

An automated transfer line is to be designed. Based on previous experience, the average downtime per occurrence = 5.0 min, and the probability of a station failure that lead

What makes it special or stands out from other machines

Write a minimum 2 to 3 pages technical report on a new machine technology of any choice. Examples: CNC Machines, Milling Machines, Lathe Machines, etc. What makes it special o

Relationship between the volume and the temperature

Find the relationship between the volume and the temperature of an ideal van der Waals fluid in a quasi-static adiabatic expansion (i.e., in an isentropic expansion, with dQ

Determining the pressure of a gas changes

During an expansion process, the pressure of a gas changes from 15 to 100 psia according to the relation P = aV + b, where a = 5 psia/ft3 and b is a constant. If the initial

Determine collision probability of two stars within galaxy

Determine the collision probability of two stars within the galaxy, and the number of stars that will have experienced a collision by the time they have traveled a distance o

Determine the force exerted by the catapult

A steam powered catapult on an aircraft carrier sends a 60,000-lb aircraft 250 feet, from zero to 180 mph. Assuming that the acceleration is constant, A) determine the time fo


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