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1. Equivalence Classes

For Realz is a real estate agency, which manages rental properties and charges the owner a management fee.

The For Realz Accountant has devised the following rules to calculate the monthly management fee payable.

The management fee is based on the monthly rental amount.

2. The management fee calculated can be reduced by the discounts specified below. Multiple discounts are allowed, but they must be applied progressively in the order specified. (calculatedFee*discount=newFee, then newFee*nextDiscount).

3. Discounts on offer include:

a. A 5% discount for Landlords who are employees and family of For Realz.

b. Landlords who have 3 or more properties with For Realz receive a 5% discount.

You must create:

1) A summary of the equivalence classes.

2) Test cases based on equivalence classes and boundary value testing (using actual values). Use the template in Appendix A to document your test cases, paying attention to all fields in the template.

2. Decision Tables. is a business specialising in advertising sales and rentals of residential real estate.

It calculates advertisement charges using the following rules.
• Advertisers with more than 15 advertisements in a month receive a 10% discount.
• Advertisers who have been customers for more than 2 years receive a 5% discount
• There is a 5% discount for early payment of an account, as long as it is not paid with a credit card
• Advertisements in December receive a low season discount of 15%
• An additional 1.5% surcharge is payable if payment is made with a credit card.
• If the advertisers account is marked as overdue, then no discounts are given.

You may use one of the following assumptions. You must clearly state which you have adopted : the percentages are additive or

if multiple discounts are applicable, only the maximum discount applicable will be used.

Derive test cases using decision tables to check the adjustment required to the advertisement charge. The outcome of the decision table must be either the total adjustment % (positive test) or invalid input (negative input).

You must create:

1) The decision table, compressed if required

2) Test cases with actual test values, using the template

Reference no: EM13336963

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