Calculate the mean and the standard deviation

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Some 17 juniors attempted a Math exam with these results: Exam Grade Number of Students 7 1 6 4 5 4 4 4 3 4 Calculate the Mean and the Standard deviation for these scores.

Reference no: EM132184447

How this policy should have affected the of meat

U.S. government price supports for milk led to an unceasing surplus of milk. In an effort to reduce the surplus about a decade ago, Congress offered to pay dairy farmers to sl

What are equilibrium prices for xaquane-yullare paintings

Xaquane and Yullare are obscure but talented 18th century painters. The world’s stock of Xaquanes is 100 and the world’s stock of Yullares is 70. The demand for each painter’s

Explain why the present equivalent amounts in parts

Twelve payments of ?$11,000 each are to be repaid monthly at the end of each month. The monthly interest rate is 4?%. a. What is the present equivalent? (i.e., P0?) of these?

Business travelers have inelastic demand for airline tickets

Business travelers have inelastic demand for airline tickets while vacation travelers have elastic demand. Use two graphs to show what would happen if the government imposes a

Determine the exchange rate

How would you repond to this discussion question:foreign exchange rates are determined by supply and demand. Using the supply and demand curve, the intersection of the curve

Used by firm in the production of certain product

In the short run, labor is the only variable factor used by a firm in the production of a certain product. The manager of the firm has estimated that the marginal product of l

Prevent scarcity from re-occurring in the future

How does rent control affect the real-estate market? Are you in favor of rent control or not, and why? What needs to happen to prevent scarcity from re-occurring in the future

Hardware store is trying to decide whether to stay open

A local hardware store is trying to decide whether to stay open. They have found that their industry is extremely competitive and profits have shrunk considerably. Knowing tha


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