Calculate the mass flux rate and the flow rate

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Water is flowing in a 6-cm diameter pipe at 20 m/s at 10?C. If the pipe enlarges to a diameter of 12-cm, calculate the reduced velocity. Also, calculate the mass flux rate and the flow rate.

Reference no: EM13316886

Determine the moment of the l6-n force about point b

A foot valve for a pneumatic systemis hinged at B. Knowing that a=28degrees, determine the moment of the l6-N force about point B by resolving the force into horizontal and

Determine the displacement of the beam at each end

A rigid beam (AB), 12 feet in length, with a point load of 9 kips (4 feet from A) is resting on two short steel rods (AC & BD). Diameter of Rod AC is 1 inch, Rod BD diameter i

Show how these two chainages were determined

Figure 13.17 shows proposed curb locations, together with grade stakes offset from the north-side curb. The straight section of curb begins at 0 + 52 and ends at 8 + 38 (cen

Report on separate eligible bachelors

Calculate the numbers of married men, single men, married women and single women. Print these numbers on a student summary report. If any single men are over 30 years of age

Compute the normal flow rate through the channel

A large drainage channel has a trapezoidal cross section with a bottom width of 75 feet and bank side slopes of 4:1 (H:V). If the normal depth of flow is 25 feet, compute th

Find specific mechanical energy and power available in wind

The air pressure is taken to be 80kPa and the mean annual temperature is 2 degrees Celsius. What are the specific mechanical energy and power available in thw wind that a wi

What is the steady state emission rate of co by automobiles

The maximum eight-hour average concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in an urban area is measured to be 17 ppm. The NAAQS is 9 ppmv (equivalent to 10.3 mg/m^3 estimated at P

Compute the ratio of the nominal flexural strength

Compute the ratio of the nominal flexural strength of the beam to the maximum service load moment, and compare your findings to the ACI load factors and strength reduction f


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