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The EPA estimates that the average motor vehicle in America is driven 12,000 miles per year (epa.gov). Fuel efficiencies of common cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles range from about 10 miles per gallon (mpg) to about 40 mpg. How much gasoline do vehicles with the following fuel efficiencies consume in one year?


2. Plot your results from the table above on this graph.


3. Please calculate the gasoline savings, in gallons per year, created by the following two options. Show all your work, and draw boxes around your answers.

a. Replacing a vehicle that has a fuel efficiency of 15 mpg with one that has a fuel efficiency of 20 mpg.

b. Replacing a vehicle that has a fuel efficiency of 25 mpg with one that has a fuel efficiency of 32 mpg.

c. Which of these options, a or b, creates greater fuel savings? Why is this result not obvious?

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