Calculate the elastic modulus of this material

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A cylindrical specimen of some metal alloy 8.7 mm in diameter is stressed in tension. A force of 1390 N produces an elastic reduction in specimen diameter of 0.0041 mm. Calculate the elastic modulus (in GPa) of this material if its Poisson's ratio is 0.33.

Reference no: EM13713135

Determine the balanced reaction equation

Determine the balanced reaction equation. For the CO and SO2, determine the amount, in kmol per 106 kmol of combustion products (that  is, the  amount in parts per million).

Find cycle thermal efficiency and mass flow rate of air

The power output of an ideal, open-cycle gas turbine cycle is 75 MW and its pressure ratio is 16. Air enters the compressor at 520 R and enters the turbine at 2800 R. Using va

Calculate magnitude and nature of the principal stresses

A material is subjected to two mutually perpendicular direct stresses of 80 MN/mZ tensile and 50 MN/mZ compressive, calculate magnitude and nature of the principal stresses

How are switches arranged in the circuit

What types of switching configuration is used to control a lighting installation from two points? What types of switches are used and how are switches arranged in the circui

Determine the force-couple system with the force

The table can be lifted without tilting by applying the 100-N force at pointO, the center of the table. Determine the force-couple system with the force acting at cornerAtha

Diagrams with work and heat transfer

Determine (a) the temperature of the air at the compressor exit, in 8C, and (b) the heat transfer, in kJ per kg of air flowing. (c) Sketch the process on p-y and T-s diagram

Determine the optimum number of stations on the line

An automated transfer line is to be designed. Based on previous experience, the average downtime per occurrence = 5.0 min, and the probability of a station failure that lead

Determine the amount of oxygen in the tank

The pressure gauge on a 2.5-m^3 oxygen tank reads 500 kPa. Determine the amount of oxygen in the tank if the temperature is 28 degrees C and the atmospheric pressure is 97 kPa


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