Calculate the convolution of pairs of sequences

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calculate the convolution (x1[x]*x2[k]) for the following pairs of sequences:

a-) x1[k]=u[k+3]-u[k-2] and x2[k]=u[k+5]-u[k-4]

b-) x1[k]=0.5^k u[k] and x2[k]=cos Pi*k u[-k]

Reference no: EM13228431

Explain will the joint meet the loss restrictions

The transmitting fiber has a core diameter of 80µm and the receiving fiber has a core diameter of 110µm. The transmitting fiber has n1=1.46 n2=1.40 and the receiving fiber h

Find matrix representation of the differentiation operation

The purpose of this problem is to show you the connection between Fourier series and linear algebra. For simplicity, we will consider a finite basis. All questions will be r

Calculate the room-temperature saturation current

Calculate the room-temperature saturation current and the forward current at 0.3 V for a silverjn-doped silicon Schottky-type diode. Take for the active area 10-8 m2 and C =

Could voltage create problems for other customers requiring

Assume the acceptable deviation is +- 5.8%. Thus, a nominal rms voltage of 120 V will range from 113 to 127 V. Suppose the line to line voltage at Customer A is 13.8kV, the

How to design a phase-lead compensator

placing the compensator or zero such that it will cancel the open-loop pole at -1. For both compensators you design, show the corresponding closed-loop transfer functions an

Find the rotor current when the machines is running normally

a 3-phase slip ring induction motor gives a reading of 60volts,across a slip ring of open circuit. When at rest with normal statervoltage applied, the rotor is star connecte

Determine the inverse of b by using computational method

Given the following: i) The column vectors: X1=[2 4 6]'; X2=[4 5 7]'; X3=[7 8 3]' % Note the above are column vectors (% In Matlab, ' means Transpose). ii) The matrix: A=[X1

Determine the thevenin equivalent resistance of wall socket

Assuming that we can determine the Thevenin equivalent resistance of our wall socket, why don't toaster, microwave oven,and TV manufactorer match each appliance's Thevenin e


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