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Peggy-Sue's cookies are the best in the world, or so I hear. She has been offered a job by Cookie Monster, Inc., to come to work for them at $125,000 per year.

Currently, she is producing her own cookies, and she has revenues of $260,000 per year. Her costs are $40,000 for labor, $10,000 for rent, $35,000 foringredients, and $5,000 for utilities. She has $100,000 of her own money invested in the operation, which, if she leaves, can be sold for $40,000 that she can invest at 10 percent per year.

Calculate her accounting and economic profits. Advise her as to what she should do LO1

Reference no: EM13246332

What was the present worth of the savings associated

Video cards based on Nvidia's GeForce2 processor typicallycost $250. Nvidia realeased a light version of the chip that costs $150. If a certain game makerwas purchasing 3000

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Design a process to fabricate a DNA microarray pixel shown below. (Attached gold-labelled DNA strands form electrical contact between gold electrodes). Redrawn from Xue, M.

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The manager of a weekend flea market knows from past experience that if he charges x dollars for a rental space at the flea market, then the number of spaces he can rent is

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If in addition to interest rate costs, there is a cost of storing the wine that equals 2% of the wine's value each year, for how many years would you hold the wine before se

Analysis of the variables that influence us consumers

Interpretation of the magnitude of the coefficients, and calculation of economic values such as elasticities, etc., if appropriate - Comment on functional form. Have you co

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Graph both the APL and the MPL curves on the axes. (You can assume that 10 = L = 40; otherwise output is negative.) Label all horizontal intercepts of both curves. What is t

Calculate bwbs new long-run equilibrium demand curve

Determine the output level, price, and profits that will occur in long-run equilibrium. Assume a high-price, low-output scenario assuming a parallel shift of the firm's dema

What will be the maximum total revenue the firm can obtain

b.) Calculate point price elasticity of demand when Q=1600. Is the demand elastic or inelastic at this quantity How do you know c.) What will be the maximum total revenue the


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