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Roy is a single person. He earned $75,000 last year. Among his expenditures last year were $10,000 on interest on his home mortgage, $2,500 payment on the principle of his home loan, $700 in charitable contributions, and $392 for food. And the personal exemption is $3,700.

(a) Calculate Roy’s taxable income.

Reference no: EM13832644

Explain how does the income approach to measuring gdp

Explain how does the income approach to measuring GDP differ from the expenditure approach. Explain the meaning of value added and its importance in the income approach.

How does this change affect the demand for money

An economy begins in long-run equilibrium, and then a change in government regulations allows banks to start paying interest on checking accounts. How does this change affect

Land assemblage problem

How does building on undeveloped land differ from building on developed land from an economic standpoint? Discuss the land assemblage problem as it relates to urban renewal. L

The traveler opportunity cost of time spent in transit

It takes 1 hour to travel from New York to Washington D.C. by air and 8 hours by bus. The airfare is $190 and the busfare is $35. If a traveler wishes to minimize the total co

How does corporate sponsorship affect the demand for product

how does corporate sponsorship affect the demand for the sponsor's product? why have so many companies purchased naming rights rather than purchase time to broadcast commerc

Three or four of harold indifference

Harold consumes chardonnay and quiche. His utility function is U(c,q)=min{c,q2}. Draw a diagram showing three or four of Harold's indifference curves. If the price of chardon

The real exchange rate between the dollar and the euro

If the nominal exchange rate between the dollar and the euro is $1 = €0.70, and the price of an 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull is $1.75 in the United States and €1.40 in Germany, the

Before-tax real interest rate-after-tax real interest rate

George purchased a $10,000 bond that pays a nominal interest rate of 8 percent per year. George's marginal income tax rate is 28 percent. Over the last year, inflation was 3 p


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