Calculate n (the total number of resistors)

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An electric water heater operates at 66 A and 16 kilowatts. The heater is powered by a 240 V power source and contains a hearing element that can be described by N identical 500 ? resistors in parallel. Calculate N (the total number of resistors) and the cost of manufacturing the heating element if in a pack of 100 resistors cost $0.50.

Reference no: EM13244285

What is the wavelength of this light in benzene

Light of a certain frequency has a wavelength of 442 nm in water. The index of refraction of water for this light is 1.333. What is the wavelength of this light in benzene

Charges on the sheet all obey an inverse-square law

The electric field due to a very large sheet of charge is independent of the distance from the sheet, yet the fields due to the individual point charges on the sheet all obey

Illustrate what weight is needed to support leg horizontally

A support strap is attached to the patient's ankle 13.0 from the bottom of his foot. Illustrate what weight is needed to support the leg horizontally?

Find how high above the original point did the ball go

A tennis ball on Mars, where the acceleration due to gravity is 0.379 of a g and the air resistance is negligible, is hit directly upward and returns to the same same level

Estimate what is the value of the resistor

AnRL circuit has an emf source of 13V, a resistor, a 20 H inductor,and a switch. If the emf across the inductor is 80% of its maximum13V 3 s after the switch is closed, what

Was the acceleration constant for two different vo values

Was the acceleration constant for the two different vo values? Determine the region where it was constant and report the average values of the acceleration. Compare these va

Evulate the change in momentum of the ball

A ball traveling with an initial momentum of 2.5 kg m/s bounces off a wall and comes back in opposite direction with a momentum of -2.5 kg m/s. What is the change in momentu

What is the mass of the sled

An airplane is sent on a rescue mission to help a stranded explorer near the South Pole. The plane cannot land, but instead drops a supply package of mass m = 58 kg while it


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