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1. A polished copper sphere of 10-mm diameter, initially at a prescribed elevated temperature Ti, is quenched in a saturated (1 atm) water bath. Using the lumped capaci- tance method of Section 5.3.3, estimate the time for the sphere to cool (a) from T= 130°C to 110°C and (b) from T= 550°C to 220°C. Make use of the average sphere temperatures in evaluating properties. Plot the temperature history for each quenching process.

2. A tube of 2-mm diameter is used to heat saturated water at 1 atm, which is in cross flow over the tube. Calculate and plot the critical heat flux as a function of water velocity over the range 0 to 2 m/s. On your plot, identify the pool boiling region and the transition region between the low- and high-velocity ranges. Hint: Problem 10.20 contains relevant information for pool boiling on small-diameter cylinders.

Reference no: EM13946404

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What is the loss in available energy associated with this flow? If this same amount of loss is associated with pumping the fluid from the lower lake to the higher one at the

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Saturated liquid steam at 2 MPa steadily enters a valve where it is throttled to 0.3 MPa. The inlet and outlet diameter is 1 cm. The flow rate is 0.012 kg/s. Determine the out

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An adiabatic heat exchanger is used to heat cold water at 8°C entering at a rate of 3 kg/s using hot air at 150°C entering with the same mass flow rate. If the air’s exit temp

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Determine an appropriate combination of materials, hardnesses, and manufacturing precision for the gears in Problem 16.21. (State any necessary decisions and assumptions.)

Air is contained in a piston-cylinder assembly

Air is contained in a piston-cylinder assembly, initially at 40 lbf/in^2 and 600R. The air expands in a polytropic process with n=k=1.4 until the volume is doubled. Modeling t

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Calculate the power supplied by the module when it operates at each of the points, X, Y and Z of Figure 1. Comment briefly on the significance of the relative values of your

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A solution in which the analytical concentrations of Cu2+ amd A2- are 2.15 ×10-4 M and 4.00×10-4 M, respectively, has an absorbance of .654 when measured under the same cond

Calculate heat transferred to the gas

A vessel of volume V = 10m^3 contains carbon dioxide under a pressure of p1 = 1 atm and at temperature of T1 = 273K. As a result of heat transfer to the gas, its temperature i


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