Calculate an rsa signature on a long message

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We know that doing a signature with RSA alone on a long message would be too slow. Suppose we could do division quickly. Would it be reasonable to compute an RSA signature on a long message by ?rst computing what the message equals mod n, for some ?xed n and then signing this computed value only. Why or why not?

Reference no: EM1364207

Secure communication if organization uses symmetric cipher

An organization has 300 members. It is desired that each member of the organization be able to communicate securely with any other member. The organization uses a symmetric

What is ciphertext generated by encryption of character

A particular cipher is implemented by combining the ASCII representation of plaintext characters with pseudorandom bytes. What is the ciphertext (in binary form) generated b

Explain rsa public-key encryption scheme

Consider the plain (i.e., non-padded) RSA public-key encryption scheme. Encrypt the message m = 12 using the public key pk = (N,e), where N = 35 and e = 3.

Encrypt plaintext using vigenere cipher

Another variation of Additive cipher uses a keyword instead of a single key. This cipher is called Vigenere cipher. Both variations work exactly the same.

What is the value of shared secret key

You have secretly picked the value SA = 17. You begin the session by sending Bob your calculated value of TA. Bob responds by sending you the value TB = 291. What is the

Implement client-server application to emulates ping utility

The goal of this assignment is to implement a client-server application which emulates the ping utility. It is also good practice because it implements the client-server

Explain simple issue specific security policy in school

Rrules and regulations you have been provided with in your institution.does your school have a similar policy?does it contain all the elements listed in the text?

Certification and accreditation for commercial systems

Using Network Security Certification and Accreditation for commercial systems. Do you think a formal process like Certification & Accreditation is appropriate to use for co


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