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Question: Mr. Oldie wishes to share his wisdom too, but on a different topic: "These OO-guys looked at hardware assembly and car assembly mechanisms and dreamed that they can do it in software. They aimed for the moon using OO paradigm, but they ended up in clouds! OOD/OOP does not really make such "stand-alone" components that fit together that easily. Look at C++ definitions like friend which enables you to muck around base object contents, etc. which is not the case with Hardware or Cars". Does Oldie make any sense? Did OOD/OOP meet the predictions? Feel free to research the internet. However, you should write a few sentences in your own words.

Reference no: EM1379035

How project visualization maps to architectural views

Choose one of the agile software development methodologies/processes and explain how changes can be managed in software development projects. Describe how project visualizatio

Quality web design company

the Course Project (comprised of Phase I and II) - Recommend solutions to the potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design Company.

Strategy for addressing the associated risk

For each of the three (3) or more malicious attacks and / or threats that you identified in Assignment, choose a strategy for addressing the associated risk (i.e., risk miti

How does google drive work

How does google drive work? Can someone explain it from user to cloud storage and back (upload file/download file)? What are VMWare images that would be seen during user exper

Demonstrate an understanding of the key drivers

CIS8100 Assignment - E-commerce Business Model Report & Prototype Website - Demonstrate an understanding of the key drivers and challenges faced by digital enterprises that i

Prepare an annotated table of entities and activities

Prepare an annotated table of entities and activities. Indicate on this table the groupings, bubble numbers, and bubble titles to be used in preparing a level 0 logical DFD.

Draw erd for database that track baluster design

Draw an ERD for a database that should track baluster designs, balusters sold, and customer orders for a company that sells various wood balusters.

Find a subset of b whose elements summation is equal to k

The subset-sum problem is defined as follows: given a set B of n positive integers and an integer K, can you find a subset of B whose elements' summation is equal to K? Desi


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