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For each of the following business activities, indicate which type of IS that supports it.: TP, MIS, DSS (Decision Support), or ESS (Executive Support) (Hint: Determine who the key users of such information are in each case: TP: individual customer, or employee; MIS: managers for routine business decisions; DSS: business analysts for ad hoc business decisions; ESS: executives for big unstructured decisions).

Please review the notes and the examples in the text below before attempting this assignment.

1. Decide whether the company should enter the market in China. – This is MIS

2. Calculate payroll. – This is TP

3. Answer the question how many pounds of banana sold this week. -

4. Determine what basket of products is usually bought together by customers in a grocery store over the last 3 years.

5. Airline reservation

6. Determine the level of inventory

7. Determine the impact on sales if the price is cut by 10%

8. Answer the question whether more carpet cleaner should be ordered

9. Record the sales of grocery items.

10. Determine a subset of current customers who are more likely to respond to a marketing campaign.

Notes on TP, MIS, DS and ESS


Records information only and is not used to support decision making

Usually done XXX per customer, per employee, per shipment


Used to support routine (regular daily, weekly, monthly) decision making by managers

Usually done YYY per store, per warehouse, per region and not per customer, per employee or per shipment.


Used to support analysts (staff) or managers to make non-routine decisions, i.e. not every day, not every week or not every month.

Usually done per ZZZ per specific decision


Used to support executives to make one of a kind decisions

Non-routine, high level and strategic decisions

Not to be used by staff or managers

Reference no: EM131150542

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