Building be justified in paying for sprinkler system

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How much would the owner of a building be justified in paying for a sprinkler system that will save $750 a year in insurance premiums if the system has to be replaced every 20years and has a salvage value equal to 10% of its initial cost? Assume money is worth7%

Reference no: EM131101295

What is the market clearing price

Assume that Lexar and Corsair act as perfectly competitive firms and that Chinesegoods flow freely into the United States. Draw the aggregate (e.g. including all firms)suppl

An absolute advantage in producing both products

Two women, Michelle and Tracy, are stranded on an island. Michelle can catch 8 fish per hour or gather 10 coconuts per hour. Tracy can catch 10 fish per hour or gather 40 coco

On grounds of equity and efficiency

The Nova Scotia government provides a rebate of the Provincial portion of the HST on home-heating fuel (oil, gas, electric) at point of sale. On grounds of equity and efficien

Calculate consumer surplus and producer surplus

The demand for car seats is: Q= 100-P. The supply of car seat is; Q=4P. Find the market equilibrium price and quantity. Graph the market supply and demand curves. Calculate co

Problem regarding the situational reactions

Read the following three situations. Describe what you would do in EACH situation. Integrate the elements of reasoning and intellectual standards in your writing to show an

Argue that it is indeed a nash equilibrium

Recall the second price auction game. Now suppose that there are three players, 1, 2, and 3, bidding for a single object in a second price auction. All three players value the

Market is characterized by demand curve

A market is characterized by a demand curve that can be expressed as P = 96 – (1/3) Q. Each of the two identical firms currently serving the market has a total cost function o

Industrial machinery and maintenance policies for machine

A German machine company sells industrial machinery and maintenance policies for the machine. There are four market segments. Figure 5-9 shows the size of each market segment


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