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1. Review of the financial statements

  • Current financial health of the company
  • Materials and labour costs assessment
  • Income statement assessment
  • Cash flow statement assessment
  • Assessment of business units in Anthony's Orchard
  • C-V-P analysis of the current year's financials

2. What If analysis

[This what-if analysis concerns an unforeseen circumstance that could impact the company's current health as well as its future plans. A major customer is considering cancelling their order for prepared apple products. This customer accounts for 25% of the prepared apple product revenue. Evaluate the impact of on the budgeted statements contained in the case study.]

Indicative content

1. Assessment of the company's revenue goal of $25 million by 2015

2. Investment Appraisal of the apple press project
- Consideration of qualitative benefits for the business

3. Draft budgeted financial statements from 2012 to 2015

Balanced Scorecard
- Explain the potential value of a BSC to Anthony's Orchard. Describe specific ways that the introduction of a BSC can contribute to this organisation.
- Develop a Strategy Map which explains how value is being created in the organisation
- Develop a BSC that is aligned to the key goal in the strategic plan, i.e. exceeding revenue of $25 million dollars by 2015. Develop, quantify and justify suitable key performance measurement criteria for Anthony's Orchard in each of these four key areas:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Business Processes
  • Learning and Growth

Gap Analysis

1. Conduct a gap analysis for Anthony's Orchard. This should include:

- A statement of where the organisation wishes to be by 2015 (use financial data for this, such as targeted revenues and/or profit)
- A comparison of the current financial state of the organisation and the desired state by the end of fiscal year 2015
- Your suggestion for ways the company can bridge the gap identified in your comparison above

Benchmarking Review

Devise a benchmarking review for Anthony's Orchard. To do this, discuss recommended strategies and measures that will be useful to measure progress towards the objective in your gap analysis.

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Reference no: EM13735614

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