Briefly explain why rna is usually single-stranded

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Draw a chain of 2 RNA nucleotides. Use R for the nitrogenous bases. Then, briefly explain why RNA is usually single-stranded and why it is less stable than DNA. Modify the drawing before to explain.

Reference no: EM13100113

Explain what would happen to cell division

Why is it beneficial for a cell signaling pathway to be coupled to a MAP kinase cascade which essentially activates a number of MAP kinase proteins via phosphorylation?

What are pros and cons of international food relief programs

Programs have been established to supply food from Western nations to starving people in Africa. Some people argue that such food programs, which may have short term benefit

Medical report on a disease of the renal system

Write a comprehensive medical report on a disease of the Renal System. This would include relevant medical history, testing/diagnostics, treatment options and recommended pl

Bacteria and protist kingdom

Identify two differences between the bacteria and protist kingdom. If you were testing the effects of different brands of fertilizer to detemine which one promoted best growth

Differentiate between a two-tier client/server

Differentiate between a two-tier client/server system and a three-tier client/server system.  Differentiate between a fat client and a thin client.  Why would a firm choose on

What would you predict the genotypes of each of two parents

Several black guinea pigs of the same genotype were mated and produced 32 black and 11 white offspring. What would you predict the genotypes of each of the two parents to be

Biochemical processes involved in atp synthesis

Describe the order and linkage of the biochemical processes involved in ATP synthesis in mitochondria (glycolysis, TCA cycle,electron transport chain, proton pumping, ATP sy

A wild fire devastates the population

Suppose you have a population of 150 butterflies, but a wild fire devastates the population and only 24 butterflies survive.  What percent does the colony decrease by?


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