Briefly explain the main features of the proposed system

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CSEB274 Requirements Engineering Assignment/Project:

Tasks and Deliverables:

  • You are required to perform Requirements Engineering (RE) activities to understand and improve the current Course Registration and Scheduling System of UNITEN.
  • In a group perform relevant RE activities to determine and document problems with the current system and your initial recommendations for improvement.
  • Document your findings using the following outline:

a. Project Background

  • Detailed description of the current system.
  • RE contexts of the current system. Depict the contexts using similar format as in Figure 1.


  • Potential sources of the requirements
  • Relevant sources (and stakeholders of the system (perspectives). For example, Registrar, Head of Department, Student, Lecturer, related systems, procedures, rules and regulations, and etcetera).
  • Depict both the potential and selected sources of requirements using similar format as in Figure 1.
  • Relevant processes of the current system. For example: course offering, advising, add/drop course, timetable, and etcetera.
  • Illustration of the processes using appropriate diagrams.
  • Screenshots of the system from all perspectives.

b. Problems Statement

  • Elaboration of the problems with the current system (from all perspectives stakeholders).

c. Brief Description of the Proposed System

  • Briefly explain the main features of the proposed system.

d. Objectives

  • State the measurable goals and objectives of the proposed system (ideally between two to three only)

e. RE Activities and Lesson Learned

  • Report all the relevant RE activities performed in completing this Assignment/Project.
  • Provide supporting information to provide proof of RE activities performed in the Assignment/Project. For example, photo taken during interview sessions with different stakeholders.

Reference no: EM131097401

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