Briefly describe your patient and his-her symptoms

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• Identify and Analyze Problems

Identify the key problems in the case. These should go beyond the big question sometimes given at the end of the case, but take into account the conflicts or issues that make the big question a difficult one to answer. Identify the stakeholders in each problem.

With the problems identified, analyze each one. This can be where course content begins to come into play -­- be sure to use the ideas from class to unpack each issue. Show all sides of the case with fairness -­- distinguish between what are facts and assumptions you are making (‘reading between the lines').

Identify the right calculations, if needed, to solve the issue.

• Recommendations for Effective Solutions/Strategies

With the problems identified and analyzed, provide more than one solution for each problem. If there is a big question to address, these should build up to an answer for it. Each solution might have pro's and con's -­- identify them, then choose the best one. If you are using calculations, perform them and show the results.

• Identify and Analyze Problem:

A. Briefly describe your patient and his/her symptoms.

B. Is there a probable genetic connection or cause? Explain your answer.

C. What tests might be run to confirm or rule out a genetic connection? Describe how these tests work.

D. What lifestyle or environmental factors may contribute or complicate the prognosis for your patient?

E. From your exploration and research regarding this case study, describe any significant genetic risk for children of this patient.

Attachment:- NURS 4404 Community Health Genetics Case Study Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131397408

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