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Good supply chain strategies aim to maximize return on investment, minimize supply and inventory costs, and improve service levels. For this Discussion, you will focus on a specific type of medical supply and explain strategies and barriers in managing its supply chain.

Begin by selecting a medical supply to research and examine in terms of its supply chain management. This supply may be a type of drug or pharmaceutical, a medical-surgical supply (such as injection syringes), or a medical device (such as a pacemaker). For ideas on supplies to choose, see Ozcan, page 265. Identify also the health care setting and end user for which this supply is intended, such as a patient in a nursing home or outpatient clinic.

Refer to the diagram on page 264 in the Ozcan text (GOOGLE), and think through the steps of the supply chain of this item, from the manufacturer to the end user.

Briefly describe the supply chain path of this item from its source to the end user. Indicate who is, or might be, involved in an efficient, cost-effective supply chain management of this item.

Describe other financial or clinical factors that should be considered in the management of this supply, such as just-in-time inventory, or the use of GPOs.

Briefly discuss operational challenges that are posed by physician preferences for this supply, if appropriate, or for other medical supplies. Propose one management strategy that could help address cost issues without jeopardizing quality or safety.

Reference no: EM13794267

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