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You will complete your final project in two parts.

PART I: Communication Plan

Using the Communication Plan Guidelines, located in the Week 1 Resources, submit a 10-12 page descriptive narrative of your Communication Plan.

PART II: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation


1. Campaign Message: include any graphics or pictures (If you use graphics, you must consider whether they are trademarked and whether you need to gain permissions to use them in your public health campaign. Suggestion: use public domain graphic images or create your own). Examples for campaign message: video, blog, poster, public service announcement, etc.

2. Text: Make sure your messages are free of bias and remain culturally relevant and truly reflect a public health issue. Also, clearly define the benefit of changing individual behavior or attitudes towards the issue.

3. Make sure your message and presentation of the campaign are clear and concise.

4. Consider the health literacy levels of your target audience.

5. Direct your public health campaign toward a funding source and provide one slide justifying why your campaign deserves funding.

6. Upload your PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides)

Communication Plan Guidelines

Your Communication Plan is the document which outlines all the elements of your public health campaign to help guide you in its facilitation. Please use this document as an outline to complete your Communication Plan. Use the learning resources and the current literature to support your Communication Plan.

Part I: Public Health Campaign (3-4 pages)

· Briefly describe the public health issue you selected and justify your selection

· Identify the audience you wish to target

· Justify the target audience you selected

· Briefly describe and justify the theory in which you will use to support your campaign

· Explain the initial methods you plan to use to create your public health campaign and explain why you selected those methods

· Briefly describe your goals for implementing a public health campaign (creating social change, changing behavior, increasing awareness, etc.)

Part II: Communication Tools (2-3 pages)

· Describe and justify the types of communication and social media tools you would like to use in the dissemination of your campaign

· Explain two reasons why the tools you selected are appropriate for your target audience

· Explain two ways you might adjust your public health message based on the type of social media you may use in your public health campaign

· Explain three reasons why it may be necessary to adjust your message depending upon age, community, and potential literacy levels of your target audience

· Describe two ways you plan to market your public health campaign

Part III: Engage Target Audience/Communities (3-4 pages)

· Briefly describe your target audience or community you selected for your public health campaign

· Briefly explain ways you might involve your target audience in the public health campaign

· Briefly describe two ways you will promote public relations with your target audience or community

· Briefly explain the behavior change you are hoping to facilitate among your target audience and explain the key benefits for the target audience to change their behavior

· Briefly describe potential stakeholders, community leaders, collaborative partners, or gate-keepers who may help you disseminate the message and encourage behavior change

· Briefly explain two ways stakeholders might change or impact the planning or implementation process of the public health campaign

· Briefly describe two potential barriers or challenges to accessing your target audience and explain why they are barriers or challenges

· Explain two ways you might address those barriers

Part IV: Implementation & Evaluation (3-4 pages)

· Briefly explain how you plan to implement your public health campaign including timeline/milestones and marketing strategies

· Briefly explain your public health message and justify why you believe it would promote change within your target audience

· Briefly explain three ways your public health campaign may be adopted within your target audience

· Briefly explain how you would incorporate culturally relevant and sensitive materials in your campaign

· Explain two potential legal or ethical issues that you may have to consider prior to implementing your campaign and explain two ways you might address those issues

· Explain the methods you plan to use to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign

· Explain two ways your public health campaign can promote social change

Reference no: EM131290838

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