Brief application of the accelerometers

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Accelometry assigment (Movement analysis)

You must provide the excel sheet or a word document with the calculations of the variables, the graphs of the file analyzed and a brief comment / application of the accelerometers.

Variables are:
• Ratios (left tibia, right tibia, head)
• Magnitude of impact
• Atenuation
• Velocity
• Distance
• Stes/minute

How to calculate the veriables (formulas)

Finally, the Excel document contains the data, which needs to be analyzed.

Just calculating in the Excel, with a very short comment in the end.

Attachment:- Accelerometry assigment instructions.rar

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The presented solutions to this task involved the *accelerometer variables calculations.* This task entails the following; Calculations of the ratios for Left and right tibia's and cabenza/head ratios, the magnitude, attenuation, velocity, distance and signal for all the Right tibia, left tibia and the head. The analysis tool that was in use is MS-Excel. The solutions to this task was provided both in the docx and xlsx file formats.There was no specific format requested to handle this task. Last the solutions provided was in accordance to the given instructions.

Reference no: EM132280363

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4/11/2019 3:48:48 AM

In the pdf document, I'm providing additional information about how to calculate the veriables (formulas): in pdf presentation from page 22. Finally, the Excel document contains the data, which needs to be analyzed. This link might be useful for a brief comment (references can be included, but not necessarily).


4/11/2019 3:48:32 AM

Dear I''m kindly asking you for the help with the accelometry assigment (movement analysis) - more or less is just calculating in the Excel, with a very short comment in the end.Additional information in the attached documents.Would it be possible? If any doubts, I''m happy to provide more information.

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