Both myoglobin and hemoglobin bind

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Both myoglobin and hemoglobin bind to O2. 

What is the logic of myoglobin binding o2 with a lower P50 than hemoglobin?

Why must a protein exhibiting cooperatively be a multisubunit enzyme? 

How does cooperatively aid in hemoglobin delivery of O2 to peripheral tissue?



Reference no: EM13854641

Significant difference during winter and autumn

Why do air temperatures only differ significantly between clearcutand old growth forest stations during spring and summer? Why isthere no significant difference during winter

Why do transporter proteinsdisplay saturation kinetics

Why do transporter proteinsdisplay saturation kinetics, while channel proteins do not? Why is Vitamin A toxic in highdoses, but water-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin C, are

Can you think of a way to show positive selection

Selective pressure is often thought to occur within the coding region of a gene but when the sum of Ka/Ks for each position is calculated, no positive selection is shown. Wh

Which planet contains the most carbon

Which planet contains the most carbon? My guess is Venus, becauseit's atmospheric constituents are CO2 and N2. Also, which planetcontains the most water? My guess is Neptune b

What simple strategy might the cell adopt

Suppose an aqueous cellular protein has a "patch" of mostly hydrophobic residues on one portion of its surface. What simple strategy might the cell adopt to prevent these hy

Estimate the ratio of normal to potato leaved plants

A cross ia made in tomatoes between a female plant from a pure line that is trisomic for chromosome 6 and a normal diploid male plant that is homozygous for the recessive alle

Understanding of transformational and transactional leaders

How could you explain the occurrence of birth defects (caused by altered genes) in children and grandchildren of WWII atomic bomb victims, while the victims themselves were on

Question about genes and dnasequences

Assume you are studying genes and DNAsequences involved in the regulation of the grandoperon. When your lab's strain of e. coli are in the presence of the sugar "grandiose," t


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