BMG835 Management Studies and Research Methods Assignment

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Reference no: EM132434145

Module Code - BMG835

Module Title - Management Studies and Research Methods

Module Level - 7

Master in Business Administration - Ulster University, UK

Part 1: Written Assignment: Project Proposal (based on a case study)

This research proposal of no more than 3000 words will be based on a live business issue (case study attached - see Appendix 3).

This broad outline should include project aim and objectives, the rationale for the project including the business value expected, an appreciation of the relevant literature for the topic, an overview of the intended approach to be employed and a project plan including time and cost considerations.

Part 2: Written Assignment

Students are required to develop an idea for an app that will help them to conduct interviews for their research project. Therefore, aspects from research design, data collection and data analysis are to be considered. Students need only to develop the idea for app. It is not necessary to actually design the app.

In no more than 1000 words students will outline their ideas and justification of their chosen design. Students are also expected to explore ethical issues as part of their research design and security for data collection.

This activity is to teach students about the practical issues involved in conducting interviews.

Attachment:- Management Studies and Research Methods Assignment File.rar

Reference no: EM132434145

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