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Describe some of the disadvantages that freed slaves had as they tried to blend into mainstream society. Explain factors that could cause some former slaves to succeed while others would have great difficulty the rest of their lives. Agree or disagree with the following statement and give your reasons: "During Reconstruction, a newly freed slave was better off staying in his or her former slave state (in the South) rather than moving to a former non-slave state (in the North)."

Reference no: EM13158893

What aspects ethnography are important to the work

What aspects Ethnography are important to the work of PK-12 educators? In other words, what skills, perspectives, approaches, etc. can educators take from the methods and fo

Why it is important to incorporate a theoretical framework

Discuss the skills you feel it is necessary for CHWs to be effective in the community and why. Discuss why it is important to incorporate a theoretical framework to build capa

Determine the load from the floor beam

Determine the load from the floor beam, B, that is being supported at the middle of beam A. The floor that it supports has a weight of 0.4 kN/m2; an area 2.5 metres by 6 met

Psychiatric evaluation

Her primary care physician had recognized the patient’s depressed mood 1 week earlier and had prescribed sertraline and referred her for a psychiatric evaluation.

Introduce the major issues in the new standard

The Senior Partner of the firm you work for has appointed you to a new role. It is now your responsibility to review upcoming accounting standards and provide a report to th

Create a elevator pitch

MKT/421 Elevator Pitch. Create a 700-word elevator pitch that includes the following: Summarize your background and what makes you unique (your competitive advantage/differen

Ethical climate of an organization is so important

Why do you think the ethical climate of an organization is so important? How does the organization and/or management set the tone? Identify and describe a situation where a bu

Conduct a web search for information

Are you interested in learning more about using statistical software? - Conduct a Web search for information on one of these-you may find it most useful to search for tutorial


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