Blatant stereotyping behavior
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Research on stereotypes is relatively new; however, it constitutes a sizable body of research with emphasis on stereotype formation, accuracy, measurement, and implications. Stereotypes can be defined as expected traits within a group of people based on some prior knowledge of, or assumptions about, groups of people. Intergroup bias occurs when people categorize traits or people into certain groups, favor groups that are similar to them, and rationalize group traits. While the bias might be outside of one's cognitive awareness it can nonetheless distort judgment. Consistent with the dual process model discussed early in this course, intergroup bias is the product of both automatic and controlled social cognitive processing and stereotypes can range from subtle to blatant in form (Aronson & McGlone, 2009, page 154). Pay particular attention to how automatic processing and systematic processing might have impacted the stereotype formation presented.

Describe one blatant stereotyping behavior and one subtle stereotyping behavior depicted in the media. Explain one way automatic processing might have impacted stereotype formation and one way controlled processing might have impacted stereotype formation and how. As the supervisor in the scenario, explain one way you might mitigate blatant and subtle stereotyping behavior. Use the current literature to support your response.

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